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Month: November 2017

Useful Shopping Tips For Petite Girls

Useful Shopping Tips For Petite Girls

This article is for all those fellow petite ladies out there because if you are anything like me in your stature then you would understand the difficulty we face every day both when shopping for clothes and also when trying to figure out a way to style your clothes in a manner to avoid looking like you are playing dress up with your mother’s wardrobe. Thus, in order to make this journey easier for you and to also let you know that you are not alone, the following article will proceed to explore several tips that would make shopping for petite clothes easier on any girl or woman out there. good tailor bangkok

When Shopping

If you are anything like me you may have forgone amazing pieces that held the potential to change the outlook of your entire wardrobe simply because they were too long on you. However, this no longer has to be a reason powerful enough to deter you because you simply rectify any issue you may have with regard to the length of a pair of jeans or an amazing dress by simply investing in the best tailor Bangkok.

Types of Clothes Your Should Pick

Many women tend to pick anything that fit them because finding clothes that fit our stature is not an easy task. But one should never limit their options as such because as a petite woman our main focus should be to utilize clothes to create the illusion of a longer or taller body. Therefore, one should opt for shirts with a V-neck as it would help create the illusion of an elongated body. Furthermore, no matter how much you may like big patterns you should tend to shy away from them as they possess the power to overwhelm your tiny frame. Instead, one should gravitate towards outfits that are all in one color because it would create a vertical line which would ultimately create the illusion of a longer frame.

But, we understand that it is not easy to find tops to fit your frame, therefore, one should always opt towards made to measure shirts because even though they may be a tad bit expensive than the ones you are used to it would fit your body well and would act as great foundation pieces. Although, it is not easy to shop for our body types one should never shy away from using this frame to their advantage because there would be countless women who would be envious about your ability to wear high heels and be petite. Therefore, one should proceed to follow the aforementioned guide to celebrate their body size.

The Best Accessory For Your Bath

The Best Accessory For Your Bath

While bath accessories can be several, there is nothing as essential as what you need to wrap yourself in or to get the water off your hair and body. While the floor mats made of piled fabrics are soft and absorbent for one’s feet, one also needs the essential robes or towels to make every bath a luxury experience.

Different bath towels
Nowadays bath towels are of different kinds. These could be thick and soft bathrobes that help one simply wrap it around them when they finish showering or taking a bath in a tub. These come handy when you go swimming as you can simply reach out to them when you have finished and are coming out of the water. Such robes are also ideal when you are getting ready and applying makeup so that your clothing does not get messed up. Nowadays kids robes are also available in different sizes as per their growing age.

Different towel designs
If you think that wrapping a towel around your body requires effort and it slips off easily, you could opt for robe designs that usually have a tie in option or come with Velcro closures. This kind of design can be helpful when you wish to move around or do different activities. There are different towelling robes Australia that one could look up and these come with closures or snaps as well as have different styles of arm sleeves or lengths. Some towel robes are usually longer while others end above the knees. The closures stay in place better than towels. These are usually made of piled up fabrics or other materials. You could opt for terry cloth bathrobes that are soft and absorbent as well as being luxurious and thick. The styles can be varied and so are the lengths and fabrics. Often robes come with velour or in satin materials as well. If you are looking to invest in towel robes, there are different designs, materials and styles to look up. Ordinary bath towels too come of different fabrics and make as well as designs. You could opt to change your old bath towels from time to time to get the fresh and piled fabric feel on your skin that feels soft and refreshing after a bath. These could be great gifts to loved ones as well. Towels and towel robes are items that are required daily and can come of use to all. There are delightful printed towels for kids as well as robes that they will love to wear after a bath.robes-for-kids