The Best Traditional Attires From Around The World

The Best Traditional Attires From Around The World

The world has a lot to learn from all of its members. One country’s usual can be become another’s unusual. And one country’s unusual could be another’s extreme absurd! All of it depends on the angle at which you look at it from. Whether you are going to embrace it or acknowledge it, is your choice. And that is why, fashion has become ever so dynamic. With people adapting different styles of different nations and trying out different things, unknowingly, more and more trends are being set and more and more cultures clash together to form one that is more of a mix. A global culture. And that is why some countries fear they might be losing their roots. Yet some still, do give utmost preference and acceptance to the good ole days of doing things, thus respecting the tradition. And this applies even to fashion trends. Though these trends might be constantly changing, some traditions still remain unchangeable and one such element is, the traditional attires of different nations. The following are some of these attires that distinguishes a nation from another.

The Hawaiian Muumuu

This is what the Hawaiians wear to festivals, parties and even weddings. It is considered a formal wear and is also their traditional attire. While the Chinese parade around with the buy Chinese dress, the Hawaiians make the Muumuu work! It is also worn by most females that work in resorts and hotels situated in Hawaii, thus giving it the classy look too! It is a loose gown or dress with sleeves that start just below the shoulder. With the amazing prints on it, it definitely adds that tropical touch! Visit 

The Malay Baju Kurung

Baju Kurung is the traditional Malay dress, that is also the national dress of Malaysia and Brunei. It is a loosely stitched outfit that covers the wearer’s body, completely from head to toe, and is much more different than the buy homewares Hong Kong that is shorter in length. It is also a common sight in many festivals held in Singapore and Thailand, mainly because of such Malay residents in the said country. This was introduced back in the days when Islam spread throughout Malaysia during the 1970’s to the 1980’s.

The Vietnamese Ao Dai

This is an outfit worn by the Vietnamese women, made completely from silk. It is worn during most formal and traditional occasions. It is a tight gown that is said to represent the feminine beauty of the Vietnamese women and is also considered as an important aspect of this country’s culture.

The sari

This is a very famous attire worn by most women in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Malaysia and even Burma. It is a long length fabric draped around the body, with a jacket or blouse that goes with it. With different draping styles it signifies different cultures. And with different colors it signifies different meanings, especially when worn during special occasions like weddings.

Clothes and fashion, is something most people can relate to. And that is why it is fun to mix and match with different cultures and traditions. However, holding on to those is much more important. So while you have fun with fashion, make sure to hold on tight to those roots!

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